Hive ToolsPrice
Traditional standard hive tool£10.00
Stainless steel hive tool & frame lifter£10.00
Claw hive tool£10.00
M2 hive tool£15.00
C1 hive tool£15.50
Heavy duty hive tool & frame lifter£9.00
Wire excluder cleaner No longer available
Frame rest£6.00
Frame Grip£7.50
Tool Grip£11.00
Frame cleaner£5.00
Economy hive strap£3.00
Standard hive strap£6.00
Ratchet hive strap£7.00
Foam entrance closure£0.60
Spring fasteners - pair£2.00
Galvanised mesh - 12" x 12"£4.00
Galvanised mesh - 18" x 18"£8.00
Woven stainless steel mesh - 12" x 12"No longer available
Woven stainless steel mesh - 18" x 18"No longer available
Series hive numbers£1.00
Frame nail pliers£4.00
National insulated quilt - recycled foam£3.30
Manipulation cloth£28.25
Protective ClothingPrice
Gauntlets – small & large sizes£6.80
Mordant gloves - size 5£13.00
Mordant gloves - sizes 6 to 12£15.50
Lightweight helmetOut of stock