Plastic Uncapping Fork£4.00
Cold Uncapping Knife£11.50
Uncapping roller£8.00
Cold uncapping tray and frame holder£150.00 special order only
Cover for cold uncapping tray£16.00
Honey Extraction, Straining & StoragePrice
Conical Tap Strainer – Stainless Steel£21.00
Double strainer – stainless steel£20.00
Double strainer – nylon£10.60
Honey Tank with valve - 70kgNo longer available
Conical straining bag (200 microns) – 70kgNo longer available
Honey tank with valve – 40kg£29.65
Conical straining bag (200 microns) - 40kg£20.00
15lb polythene honey buckets + lid£2.50
30lb polythene honey bucket + lid £3.00
Table top extractor, NationalPrice on application
Tidy trayOut of stock
15kg Rectank with valve£22.50
Spare nylon honey valves 1.5ӣ8.00
Entrance slidesn/a£5.00
Brood body£45.65£31.80
Porch onlyn/a£13.80
Framed wire queen excluder£21.20n/a
Slotted steel queen excluder£6.20n/a
Crown board + escapes£15.40n/a
Glass quilt£19.85n/a
Dummy board - deep£6.60n/a
Dummy board - shallow£6.60n/a
Cone escapes£0.50n/a