Hive & Hive PartsAssembled - 48hrs notice needed Flat
NATIONAL SIZE unless otherwise shownOther styles of hive availableWBC roofs, supers, brood boxes and lifts available
National Hive complete - 1st quality Cedar SPECIAL ORDER ONLY£POA£POA
National Hive complete - Cedar (2nd quality)£190 flat pack+£30 if you want it assembled
4" Roof - (2nd quality)£28.95£24.75
Gabled roof - (1st quality)£POA£POA
Solid Floor + entrance block£44.90£33.10
Hive stands - various From £23.50 From £15.00
Brood body - 1st quality Cedar£80.70£58.80
Brood body - Cedar (2nd quality)£27.75£22.95
Super - 1st quality Cedar£58.00£41.40
Super - Cedar (2nd quality) £22.95£17.95
14 x 12 brood body - 1st quality Cedar£89.15£65.40
14 x 12 Brood body - Cedar (2nd quality)£40.95£35.95
14 x 12 brood eke - Cedar (to convert from National)£41.80£30.10
14 x 12 Hive complete - 1st quality Cedar SPECIAL ORDER ONLY£POA£POA
WBC Hive complete - 1st quality Cedar SPECIAL ORDER ONLY £POA£POA
Crown board + 2 porter bee escapes£16.20n/a
Canadian Clearer Board£31.50n/a
Payne’s Poly nuc£42.00Limited stock - when they’re gone that’s it!
Plastic XP/XP plus Queen excluder£4.60 / £5.40n/a
Framed wire Queen excluder£18.90n/a
Slotted steel Queen excluder£6.20n/a
Glass quilt£21.00n/a
Dummy board - BS deep / BS shallow£6.60n/a
Dummy board - 14" x 12"£7.90n/a
National travelling screen£19.40n/a
Horsley Board - National£72.50n/a
Snelgrove Board - National £43.25n/a
Frames (2nd quality)AssembledFlat
DN1 Deep National - per 10n/a£7.00
SN 1 Shallow National - per 10n/a£7.00
DN 4 Hoffman Deep National - per 10n/a£7.80
14" x 12"n/a£10.75
Langstroth deep/shallown/a£9.75
BS Manleyn/a£9.60
*SPARES* - (no side bars) 50 Top barsn/a£15.00
50 pair of bottom barsn/a£12.50
BS Deep - wired£14.40£12.00
BS Shallow- wired£8.80£7.40
BS Shallow unwiredn/a£6.55
BS Shallow thin foundation for cut comb£6.00n/a
BS 14" x 12" - wiredn/a£20.20
Commercial deep - wiredn/a£16.80
Commercial shallow - wiredn/a£10.55
Langstroth deep - wired£17.15£14.40
Langstroth shallow - wired£10.50£8.90