Apiary HardwarePrice
ICE torch - intensely bright LED torch. Use to confirm newly laid eggs in cells£4.00
Wide plastic ends – pack of 100£8.95
Narrow plastic ends - pack of 100£7.25
Frame Nails, 3/4" – 500g£5.00
Frame nail hammer£2.85
Frame nail pliers£3.80
Bee brush£3.00
Rhombus escape£1.50
Porter bee escapes / Ventilators£1.00
Swarm wipes - box of 10£12.00
Swarm lure, pair£6.50
Foam entrance closure£0.50
Plastic Frame Runners - Pair£0.90
Metal Frame Runners - Pair£1.10
Castellated Spacers, metal - 9, 10 or 11 slots & budget - Pair£1.90
Smokers & FuelPrice
Smoker with guard£24.95
Electric smoker£16.95
Liquid bee smoke£1.90
Smoker Cartridges – pack of 10£4.50
Hessian Sacking£5.50
Smoker Pellets – 1 kg£4.80
Gas lighter for smoker£2.50
Queen Introduction & MarkingPrice
Swarm Attractant Wipes Box of 10 or individual sachet£12.00 / £1.20
Queen marking pen - (THE COLOUR FOR 2018 IS RED)£4.00
Plastic Queen Catcher£2.90
Clip Queen Catcher£2.90
Butler Cage£1.70
Marking Cage with plunger£2.90
Turn & mark cage£2.90
Press in cage (Crown of Thorns)£5.50
Press in cage - plastic£1.95
Cell Protector£0.95
Queen Introduction Cage£0.60
Queen clipping scissors£3.50