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Buy two or more crown boards/ clearer boards with Porter bee escapes for a 10% discount

Spare frame parts – 50 top bars only £15.00
– 50 pair bottom bars only £12.50
Sorry but no spare side bars available with this offer


1 lb jar (454g) £4.80
1/2 lb jar (227g) £2.90
12oz Squeezy Bear (340g) £3.30


    In some regions of the UK Beekeepers have reported excessive use of food stores due to the un-seasonally warm weather. It would be advisable that you check that your colonies have adequate stores and add supplements if required. With the weather being quite variable, fondant is the best option not liquid feed.

    see: and follow the link to FEEDING BEES BEST PRACTICE GUIDE No. 7 JUNE 2011

    Ambrosia Fondant is available from Gees Bees @ £5.75 for a 2.5kg pack or £27.30 for a box of 5 x 2.5kg packs

    You may want to think about giving them NEKTAPOLL, a ready-to-feed pollen substitute / fructose syrup patty. Use from early March to stimulate your bees if there is a shortage of pollen – available at £7.00 a 1kg pack.

    For early treatment of varroa, try APILIFE VAR, a Veterinary Medicines Directorate approved product, and totally natural, made up of thymol, eucalyptus, camphor and menthol – available at £3.00 a pack.

    APISTAN strips are available again at £23.50 for a pack of 10 which is enough to treat 5 hives. For those with fewer hives a pack contains 2 strips sufficient for 1 hive is available at £5.00.

    Small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) has been reported in Southern Italy and Sicily. As prevention is better than cure get yourself a set of small hive beetle traps. Supplied as two units, one placed on the hive floor and the other placed between two frames in the brood box with a small amount of cooking oil poured in – £2.80 per set.

    FREE BEES! Try Vita’s Swarm Attractant Wipes. Effective in a skep, bait hive or just hung from a tree branch. £12 for a box of 10 individual wipes or £1.20 for a single sachet.