Put your feet up and read a beekeeping book.

Check colonies for stores and put on fondant (not syrup) if they are short.
2.5kg bags of Apifonda fondant available @ £5.75 per bag.

Treat for Varroa between now and the end of January, using your preferred treatment product while hives are broodless.
Remember that Oxalic Acid is no longer authorised for use.
If in doubt please get in touch


Check that the mouseguards are still in place. Keep an eye open for woodpecker damage and check that the hive is well ventilated. Check stored combs – a further treatment may be required.


Check spare equipment and carry out repairs / replacement before the active season starts. Check that there are still plenty of stores by checking the weight of the hive (hefting). Provide fondant (not syrup) if they are short.